5Dimes Sportsbook: Accepts Players In All 50 U.S. States

5DimesEstablished in 1996, 5Dimes operates out of Costa Rica, and is a safe and legal online sportsbook for USA residents. In the “about us” section, the site considers itself the gold standard in online gaming and we couldn’t agree more with that statement. If you are looking for a Las Vegas style atmosphere, you have come to the right place. The wagering is fun and exciting and there is an almost endless variety of features you can choose from.

In this review, we will go over some of the salient points that make 5Dimes the leader in online sportsbooks for players in the U. S. There are certain laws that you may have heard of that might seem a little confusing. We will go through those laws and show that there is nothing to worry about when using 5Dimes.

Will I Get Into Trouble For Betting At 5Dimes?

5Dimes5Dimes is just one, albeit one of the best, of a group of legal online sportsbooks that are safe and able to be enjoyed by residents of the U.S. These sites must follow certain Federal & State regulations in order to operate for USA players, and 5Dimes makes sure that they comply with these laws. Let’s take a look at some of the laws affecting online sportsbooks.

Wire Act – The Federal Wire Act of 1961 is a decades old law that is a little outdated, but still pertains to the online gaming industry. The requirement of the wire act is that any sportsbook wanting to operate for U.S. residents must be based outside of the USA. This means that the companies must not be located within the 50 states or territories and possessions of the U.S. Since 5Dimes is located in Costa Rica, you can join the millions of U.S. residents that call it their “online sportsbook of choice.”

UIGEA – The Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act of 2006 is a law that regulates the funding methods of sportsbooks operating in the U.S. The online sites cannot send money for payouts directly to a player’s credit card. Instead, a site must find other ways to payout their player’s winnings. At 5Dimes, they follow this rule with several payout methods, which will work for all players.

Can 5Dimes Be Trusted? Are They Safe?

5Dimes is a 100% safe and secure sports betting site legal for US residents that uses all of the latest security software to help ensure your information is protected. They are constantly enhancing and upgrading their software to make sure it stays state of the art. A site doesn’t stay around for almost 2 decades by losing members due to loss or theft of their personal information. All it takes is one person having troubles and it would be all over the news. We have been reviewing 5Dimes for over 5 years and we have never heard a single complaint about their security or the loss of a single dissatisfied customer. The gaming licenses of online sportsbooks are contingent on them operating safely for members and 5Dimes is in great standing with all authorities in that regard.

Who Is Allowe d To Register At 5Dimes?

Some sportsbooks out there are a little particular about who signs up. They may restrict players from a certain state for instance. 5Dimes is not one of those as they offer membership to residents of all 50 states. The main requirement is that you be of legal age to participate in legal gambling in your particular state. For 5 Dimes the limit is 18 but if you are from a state that has a limit of 21 then you would want to wait until you are 21 to participate. It’s that simple. You can find your state laws with a quick internet search.

How to Sign Up At 5Dimes

Signing up at 5Dimes is very simple. It will take only a couple minutes until you are up, running, and enjoying the full ‘Vegas experience. First, go to the “register here” button at the top right of the homepage. This will bring up a page for you to fill in your information. It asks for basic information like your name, address, and email. It will ask you to create a password. Once you have done that 5Dimes sends you an email with a confirmation link. Click on that link and you are ready to enjoy all that the site has to offer. As we said, it’s simple, fast, and free.

Why We Like 5Dimes Sportsbook - Why You Should Join

There are a number of reasons to make 5Dimes your new online sportsbook. There are other sites out there to choose from, but none offer the quality of experience you get with 5Dimes. When considering an online sportsbook for residents of the USA you should be interested in their payout speeds, bonuses, sportsbook features, wager types, and other considerations. We will take you through some of these to get you familiar with all that 5Dimes has to offer and show you why we consider it the best choice for your new sportsbook.

Depositing Into 5Dimes

5DimesUnlike other sites, 5Dimes has a wealth of funding options for you to get started wagering. To get started and see all of the ways you can fund your account click on the “funding methods” tab located in the green bar at the top right of the site. You will see the list of all the methods available to you.

Credit/Debit – This is a fast and safe option, which should be familiar to you. If you have ever purchased anything online, this is the same procedure. It’s free to deposit, the minimum for your first deposit is $50, and the maximum is $250. Once you are an established customer, the limit increases to $500.

Person to Person - There are several options in the Person-to-Person funding area. We will discuss the most popular, but there are others available to you as well. You will be able to find them in the drop down menu under “funding methods”. The Person-to-Person “red option” allows a minimum deposit of $100 and a maximum of $970. There are fees, which vary from $9.95 to $11.95, but 5Dimes will cover that fee on deposits of $250 or more.

Money Orders - Money orders are a great option for funding your account. All you do is send in your money order and, once it arrives, the money is placed into your account. The minimum amount accepted is $100 and the minimum amount to have your fees covered is $1,000.

There are many other options available for you to fund your account. Just go to the “funding methods” drop down and you can see all that the site has to offer.

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5Dimes Sports Betting Sign Up & Reload Bonuses

Of all the great features that 5Dimes offers through its online sportsbook, the best may be their bonuses and free money they offer their players. From reduced juice rewards to free play, match play and lotto rewards, there are many options available for rewards through 5 Dimes.

Your main reward right off the bat when signing up is the “reduced juice” feature. Many 5Dimes players feel this is the best rewards program in the industry. Normally, you would risk $110 for every $100 to win on a wager. With Reduced Juice, you are only risking $105 to make $100. That is a savings of 50% and that can really add up over maybe hundreds of bets per year or season. The more you bet, the more you save. No one else in the industry offers this rewards program. You can find out all the particulars by clicking on the “rewards” tab at the top of the site.

Another great bonus is the new player reward. You can earn a 50% free play reward for your deposits between $100 and $400. That can be up to $200 in free play. However, it gets even better. If you deposit more than $400, you will receive an extra 20% on your deposits up to $2000. That’s up to $520 in free play rewards!

There are several more options available for extra money and rewards for you to explore on the site. Again, just go to the rewards section for more information.

Getting Money Out Of 5Dimes

5DimesWe mentioned the UIGEA earlier and it’s restrictions on the direct payouts to credit cards. 5Dimes has several options for you to receive your winnings. All of the options beside credit cards are available for payouts. You can find all the specifics in the “funding methods” section, but we will go over a couple of them here.

Certified Check – One of the most popular methods to receive your winnings is simply to have 5Dimes send you a check. It will be a certified check so you don’t need to worry about it not going through at your local bank. The check will come to you via FedEx, and most players receive theirs within 7 days of the request. This method is safe and reliable with fees ranging from $40 to $80 dollars.

Person to Person - For a super-fast payout this is a great method of receiving your money. You would simply request payment and call customer service to get your confirmation code. When you arrive at the Person-to-Person retail location, you will just give them your code and the money is yours. Call and ask for current fees involved in this method.

Money Order – Just like a certified check, this method will get your money safely and securely. The fee on this is $80 so this option might be best for larger withdrawals.

There are other methods available including bank wire transfer that may be more to your liking. The main point is that there are several ways for you to receive your money from 5Dimes.

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Sports To Bet On At 5Dimes

Whether you want to bet on football, basketball, NCAA, or baseball, you can find this all at your fingertips. You will also see that you can bet on less popular sports such as tennis, darts, or even lacrosse. Since 5Dimes caters to international as well as U.S. clients, you will have access to international sports as well. Are you looking to bet on the World Cup? That’s no problem. There are over 1000 wagering options so you are sure to find one that’s right for you.

The layout is very simple on the site. Once you sign in you will see all of the sports laid out in front of you. In the football area, for instance you will find NFL, NCAA, Canadian, and Arena. If you are interested in UFC, boxing, or even rugby, it’s right there for you. 5Dimes even gives you the ability to play the lotto. Is politics more your style? You can bet on upcoming political races as well.

Wide Variety Of Different Odds For All Sporting Events

There are many odds types available at 5Dimes. They have more availability than just about any other site. If you are a seasoned veteran, you will relish the fact that you can play moneylines, point spreads, props, totals, futures, as well as, both fractional and decimal odds. If you are new to betting, you will find these different types to be challenging but rewarding once you master them.

With all of the available odds and lines, it will turn your sports wagering venture into something much more. Learning about the mathematics of the odds can be fascinating in its own right. If you are just learning, there are many resources online to learn about this aspect of the game.

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Numerous Ways To Wager On Betting Lines

Players will notice the incredible amount of wagering types available at 5Dimes. If you are new to betting or just want a simple, straightforward bet, you might want to try the straight wager. That is where you bet on the outcome of an event or game. After a while, you may find that you want to expand your betting options. There are other wager types on 5Dimes. You have so much available, everything from parlays and teasers to futures and reverse bets. Study up a little on each one of these and you may find that one becomes your favorite. They can be more lucrative than a straight bet. One of the great things about 5Dimes is that as you click on the types of wagers you are interested in the board changes and lays out the specific sports and games available for that kind of bet. This alleviates the guessing and wondering that haunts less-developed sites.

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Access To Sportsbook Through Smartphones & Tablets

Imagine you are sitting in your car trying to get home to make a bet but there is a traffic jam. You finally make it home only to find out you missed the chance to place a bet because it’s too late. You wouldn’t have to worry about that if you were using the 5Dimes mobile site. You can access the full site right from the palm of your hand.

You can tap into this incredible resource by using your iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Tablet, or any mobile device that can connect to the internet. You can place a bet while standing in line at the local coffee shop or while watching your child’s sports match. The possibilities are endless. Mobile betting really does add an extra dimension to your fun.

Real Time Sports Wagering App

One of our favorite features of 5Dimes is the ability not only to bet on the outcome of a particular sporting event but also to actually be able to place bets while the action is happening. Talk about adding an extra dimension to your gaming fun. You may have been at a horse race and tried to figure out whom to pick. You finally have your horse and then go up to place your bet but the betting has closed. Alternatively, maybe you have tried to place a bet on an NBA game only to get home to late because the game already started. With live in game betting, that will be a thing of the past. You can actually enjoy the action live and watch the odds change as the action shifts. It makes your whole viewing experience a lot more interactive.

5Dimes Sportsbook...What's The Bottom Line?

If you still have questions about trying 5Dimes, we aren’t sure what else to tell you. This is a favorite online sportsbook for millions of USA players and a favorite of ours as well. The site is 100% safe and legal, and your online security is guaranteed. They have the most deposit and payout methods in the industry and they are all safe secure so there is no worry about with that. You can bet during live sporting events and you can access the whole site from the palm of your hand from anywhere you have an internet connection. We give 5Dimes our highest recommendation for both amateur and veteran bettors alike. Check it out for yourself and we are sure you will agree that it is the premier US online sportsbook available to U.S. residents.