Bovada Sportsbook: Accepts Players From 46 U.S. States

BovadaBovada is the biggest name in online sportsbooks for USA players. It has the most members of any other online site worldwide, and is home to a very extensive sportsbook. We are constantly amazed by the innovative features and understand why it is the most popular site for online sports betting. Some sportsbooks are hard to figure out and difficult to navigate. Bovada is very user friendly and you will be an expert after only a few minutes of playing. Best of all it is functions legally for U.S. residents.

The following review will show many of the features, bells, and whistles that make it such an enjoyable experience for millions of sports fans. ESPN, Fox Sports, and others give it glowing reviews and so do we. In this review, we will also touch on the legality of online betting in the USA. We will discuss the safety protocols, which the site uses to protect your information. Our goal is to give you all the information you need to have a safe and enjoyable time at Bovada.

Will I Get Into Trouble For Betting At Bovada?

BovadaThe answer to this question is a resounding NO! The site is legal and we will discuss some of the laws that govern online sports betting so that you feel secure. Bovada follows all of the Federal & State laws governing online US sportsbooks so you can be confident and just have fun. Let’s look at some of the laws concerning online sports betting.

Wire Act – The Federal Wire Act of 1961 is a piece of legislation that is over 50 years old, so it is a little dated. The Wire Act requires that most sportsbooks that operate online be located overseas and in a jurisdiction where it is legal for them to exist. Individual states do not have regulations concerning online sportsbooks so the site merely needs to be legal in its home country for you to be able to join and wager real money. Bovada is based in Canada, and it is very safe for U.S. residents to use.

UIGEA – The Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act of 2006 is a law that deals with the funding of players accounts. UIGEA states that sportsbooks cannot deposit money directly to a credit card. That’s no problem with Bovada since they have a myriad of other funding options available. We will look at various ways of receiving your money later in this review but for now, just know that UIGEA does not affect your ability to place wagers or receive money from Bovada.

Can Bovada Be Trusted? Are They Safe?

Bovada has been in business since 1992 so they have over two decades of experience in the online sportsbook game. They are a subsidiary of the Bodog Group, a sports entertainment giant, so you can feel confident that they aren’t going anywhere. Bovada uses state of the art security software to make sure all of your information is safe. News outlets like USA Today and CNBC have had nothing but good things to say about the site. We have been reviewing them for over 5 years and we’re more confident in the security of the site. You can be sure that you are at a legal sports betting site when you play at Bovada.

Who Is Allowed To Register At Bovada?

You can sign up from all but a handful of states. Those states are New Jersey, Nevada, Delaware, and Maryland. Each of those states has their own form of online gaming so they don’t want to compete with Bovada. If you reside in one of those five states, don’t worry, other sportsbooks that we review will accept players from all 50 states. The minimum age to join is 18, but some states require 21 so check your local laws to make sure you are legal in the state before signing up.

How to Sign Up At Bovada

Signing up at Bovada is a breeze. Simply click the “Join Today” button at the top of the page. You will then fill in some basic information like your name, D.O.B., and email address. After that, just enter a password and a couple security questions. When you are finished simply click “Open Account”, it’s that simple. The site will send a confirmation to your email for security reasons. Click on the link and begin having fun and making money.

Why We Like Bovada Sportsbook - Why You Should Join

Just because a sportsbook will accept players from all 50 states doesn’t make them the best. We believe Bovada is the best and we will show you why as you continue reading. We will talk about their great payouts and bonuses as well as all of the resources they have for you to bet on everything from football to darts.

Depositing Into Bovada

BovadaFunding Bovada Sportsbook accounts is extremely fast, and very easy. Whether you use a credit card or rapid transfer, your money will be available for you as quickly as any other site out there.

Credit/Debit – This is definitely the most popular method of funding your account. Simply use a Visa credit, debit, or prepaid card to fund your account. It’s fast, easy, and secure. Just make sure it a card that is ok for use in international transactions and not one for domestic use only. The minimum is $50 and the maximum is $3,500 so you have a wide range you can work with.

Rapid Transfer – Rapid Transfer is another easy way to fund your account. It takes just a few simple steps. First, contact the Deposit Assistance Team to get your transfer details. Then go to a local Rapid Transfer retail location and fund your account. The minimum deposit is $100 and the maximum is $650 per transaction. When you use this method there will be a charge of between $12 and $20 depending on the amount deposited. Next, call Bovada back to give your confirmation number. Your money should be available within 15 minutes. As you can see, funding your account will be fast and easy with Bovada.

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Bovada Sports Betting Promotions + Perks

Bovada is the best sportsbook for USA bettors for several reasons. Some of our favorite things about the site are the sign up and reload bonuses. With Bovada, you get the highest bonuses in the business. They want to keep their players happy and they go out of their way with bonuses for signing up and for referring a friend. To get your sign on bonus simply join and make your first deposit. When you do, you will receive a 50% bonus on your deposit up to $250.

It doesn’t stop there though. When you refer a friend to Bovada, you can get a 200% bonus on your friends deposit with a value up to $100. There is no limit on the number of friends you can refer, and no limit on the number of bonuses you can receive.

Getting Money Out Of Bovada

BovadaThere are two different payout methods used by Bovada. The most popular is check by courier. Bovada will send you a check for a minimum of $50 and a maximum of $3,000. It may 4 to 7 days to receive payment and they will cover your check fee for the first check per month. Many people like this method as they rarely need more than one check per month. If there is an additional check payout requested or if there are amounts above $3,000 expected then they will issue you another check. The fee will be $50 for the additional check.

You can also have your money paid out by Rapid Transfer. The minimum amount paid out will be $100 and the maximum $650. There is a fee associated with this method of payout and it ranges between $20 and $60 depending on the amount requested.

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Sports To Bet On At Bovada

Bovada has an amazingly rich sportsbook with everything the amateur or seasoned bettor could want. You can bet on anything from basketball to rugby, and tennis to darts. There is even a section for betting on entertainment props. Do you like politics? There is even a section to bet on upcoming elections. You can find a full range of international sports as well. Cricket anyone?

Wide Variety Of Different Odds For All Sporting Events

When searching for an online sportsbook for USA players you’ll want to have a variety of odds types to keep things interesting. Bovada is on the cutting edge of sports betting and has more odds types than most other sites you’ll find. Even if you are just starting out Bovada is there for you with an extensive glossary and help section where they explain all of the odds types. You will understand more than the average bettor will in no time with those helpful tools.

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Numerous Ways To Wager On Betting Lines

There are so many wager types at Bovada that things could seem a little intimidating at first. Again, Bovada has you covered with a help section that covers all kinds of wagers. Straight wagering is probably the most common. A straight wager is when you bet on the outcome of a specific event, say the winner of an NFL game. These are the easiest and probably the ones you’ll stick to when you are first getting started. If you are a seasoned veteran or just want to get a little more variety, Bovada has a multitude of wagering options to keep you busy. Wager types such as parlays, money lines, teasers, and more are available for your online adventure.

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Access To Sportsbook Through Smartphones & Tablets

Imagine being able to access a full sportsbook to make wagers right at your fingertips. With Bovada’s mobile app, you have the power of the largest online sportsbook on the planet in the palm of your hand. No more missing out on placing a bet because you couldn’t get to your computer. Whether you have an IPhone, Android, or tablet, you can access the site from any device that connects to the internet.

Real Time Sports Wagering App

One of the best features of Bovada is the live in-game wagering. This is exciting because you can bet on the game in real time and not just wait for the final score. The odds change real time as the stats go up and down throughout the game. If you haven’t experienced live betting, you have been missing one of the most exhilarating betting methods in the world.

Bovada Sportsbook...What's The Bottom Line?

We hope that this review has been helpful and allowed you to see the fun and safety in the site. It is 100% legal and the most popular online US sportsbook around. Major news outlets praise the site and you can access it from any of your internet-connected devices. Bovada guarantees your security. The live in-game wagering is amazing; there are all types of wagering, and odds combinations. Deposits and payouts are simple and fast. We highly recommend Bovada for your online sportsbook.