SportsBetting Sportsbook: Welcomes Players In All 50 U.S. States

SportsBettingThe job of any online sportsbook is to allow the player to enjoy themselves both safety and securely. No site does that as well as SportsBetting. This site garners acclaim from the likes of ESPN, Yahoo Sports, Fox Sports, and other giants in the sports media business. With its amazing array of betting options, you simply can't go wrong at SportsBetting. Instead of making your experience a tough to navigate like some other sites, SportsBetting offers a wealth of help and information to meet a bettors needs, from the beginner to the seasoned veteran.

This review will walk you through this exciting website and show you some of the features that make it number one in our book. Of course, we will also go through the safety, security, and legality of the site. You will learn about some of the great features like mobile betting, live in game wagering and others, as well as the multitude of odd, lines, and wager type on offer at SportsBetting.

Will I Get Into Trouble For Betting At SportsBetting?

SportsBettingThis is a great question and one that we come across frequently. Fortunately, the answer is a resounding YES! SportsBetting is the number one site for online sportsbooks for USA residents. They have millions of users from across the U.S. and around the world and have been in business for years. There are Federal and State laws that pertain to the legalities of online sportsbooks in the U.S., and we will detail them below.

Wire Act – The Federal Wire Act of 1961 is fairly outdated as you can see by it being over a half century old. Because of this Act, online sportsbooks that serve U.S. members are required to be located overseas. This means that as long as the country where the sportsbook is located allows online sportsbooks, it is safe and legal for U.S. Residents to use. SportsBetting is located in the Republic of Panama, where it is legal to operate an online sportsbook. Therefore, it is legal for you no matter what state you live in.

UIGEA – The Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act of 2006 is a more recent piece of legislation, which also affects online sportsbooks. This law deals with the distribution of funds through online sites. Because of this law, internet sportsbooks must not deposit a players winnings directly into their credit card accounts. This does not affect SportsBetting, as they have several different ways of paying you that comply with the law. We will go over funding methods later in this review.

Can SportsBetting Be Trusted? Are They Safe?

SportsBetting has been in business for years and utilizes some of the industry’s most stringent safety protocols. Their innovative technology means that your money and information are always 100% safe. We have been playing at SportsBetting for years and have yet to hear of any security breach that would compromise its players' information. Even a television channel dedicated to informing it's viewers of financial information has spoken about the site. That's right, CNBC has talked about SportsBetting on the air and they had nothing but good things to say about it. When you sign up for SportsBetting, you will be joining millions from around the world at one of the top legal sportsbook accepting US players.

Who Is Allowed To Register At SportsBetting?

Some sites are a little tough to figure out. They may accept players from one state but not another. You can rest comfortably knowing that SportsBetting accepts players from all 50 states so you are welcome at the site anytime. The only requirement is that the minimum age to join is 18. There may also be state laws in place that force you to be 21 to gamble so you might want to do a quick internet search to determine if you live in one of them. People from Florida to Alaska, and everywhere in between, can begin playing today at the top online sportsbook for USA players.

How to Sign Up At SportsBetting

Signing up at SportsBetting couldn't be faster or simpler. Did we also mention it’s free? All you do is click on the blue “Click to Join” button at the top of the page. That will take you to the signup page where you will enter some basic information like name, gender, address, and phone number. Then you will choose a password. After that, just click the yellow “click here to create account” button located on the top right. SportsBetting will send you a confirmation for your security. Click on the link you receive in the mail and you are off and running.

Why We Like SportsBetting Sportsbook - Why You Should Join

SportsBetting is the premier online sportsbook for U.S. Residents. If you decide to sign up you will join millions of other sports fans from all 50 states who enjoy this excellent site. A few different things set SportsBetting apart from all the other online sportsbooks. They have the fastest payout speeds and the most variety of odds and wager types. They also have the many features that are sure to make your inner sports geek happy.

Depositing Into SportsBetting

SportsBettingSportsBetting has a wealth of options for depositing into your account. This isn't the case with all sportsbooks. To see a list of all of your options just click on the “cashier” link at the top of the page. Below, we will take a look at most of the deposit options that are available.

Credit/Debit Cards - You can use any major credit or debit card to deposit money into your account at SportsBetting. This is the most popular way as it is similar to purchasing something at many of the online retail sites. There are a few different features based on the particular card you’re using. For instance, if you are using a Visa, your minimum amount for deposit is $25 and your maximum is $3,500. However, if you use MasterCard your maximum will be $1,500. You can find all of the specifics under the cashier link at SportsBetting.

Cash Wire Transfers – This is another great deposit option at SportsBetting. Just choose the supplier you want to use (such as Western Union or MoneyGram) and enter the amount you want to deposit. The minimum deposit is $50 and the maximum is $900 with this method.

Money Orders – For larger amounts, you may want to think about using a money order. If you have ever bought one before you know how easy it is. You purchase a money order for the amount you want to deposit and send it to the team at SportsBetting, and they will credit your account as soon as it arrives. With this option, there is a minimum of $300 and a maximum of $9,000.

If you want to see all of the methods available such as Bitcoin, Skrill, Book to Book, and more, you can go to the cashier page and all the info is there for your perusing.

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SportsBetting Sports Betting Sign Up & Reload Bonuses

Of all the great features at SportsBetting, some of the most interesting and enticing are the signup and reload bonuses. Just click the “promotions” link at the top of the page and take a look at the great offerings they have. By sending the promo code “SB50” in along with your first deposit, you can take advantage of a 50% “welcome bonus” the first time you load your account. This has a value of up to $500 so don’t forget to take advantage of this free money. We aren’t sure how long this bonus will last so you might want to sign up soon.

The rewards keep coming even after your initial deposit. At SportsBetting, you can continue to get free money to use whenever you reload your account. Go to the cashier link and enter the promo code “FORLIFE” when it’s time to reload and receive an extra 25% for up to $1,000. This bonus is available 24/7 365 days a year. You can see why we say SportsBetting is the top sportsbook for USA players.

Getting Money Out Of SportsBetting

SportsBettingWe talked earlier about all of the deposit options available at SportsBetting. Their payouts are almost as voluminous. The only option not available to you through SportsBetting, or any online sportsbook, is to have the money deposited directly to your credit card. That is thanks to the UIGEA law we discussed earlier. There is nothing to worry about however, because you can get your money in several other fast and efficient ways.

Cash Wire Transfer – This method allows you to take out a minimum of $50 and a maximum of $600. Again, this is using Western Union, MoneyGram, or similar methods. You can do this online and your money will be available in 12 to 36 hours.

Bank Wire Transfer – This is one of the options that that are great for larger withdrawals. The minimum payout is $500 and the maximum is a whopping $24,900. The only thing you have to do with this option is send your bank wire instruction info and your money will be transferred to your bank account.

Check – Probably one of the most popular methods to receive your money is the good old check. SportsBetting will simply cut you a check that you can deposit into your bank account at any time. The minimum check payout is $500 and the maximum is $2,500. Checks can take up to a month to arrive, but most players’ receive theirs within a week or two.

There are other options available to you and you can find them all along with additional information under the “cashier” tab. There are fees associated with each method but the site tries to keep them as low as possible. For instance, your first check payment per month is free. The fee for any additional payouts is $25.

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Sports To Bet On At SportsBetting

SportsBetting is one of the broadest sites available in terms of features compares to any other online sportsbook out there. It is a fully functioning sportsbook so you get the ‘Vegas experience online. You can place bets on everything from the big sports like the NFL, NBA, and MLB to the smaller or less popular sports like tennis, or even lacrosse. If you get tired of the same old thing and want to branch out, there are political and entertainment odds as well.

SportsBetting is an international site with millions of players. Therefore, they have international sports as well. Are you interested in soccer? How about rugby? There is something for everyone. You are even able to place bets on sports you may not have considered, like darts.

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Wide Variety Of Different Odds For All Sporting Events

SportsBetting offers more types of odds and lines than most other sportsbooks. That’s why we think they are one of the top picks for sports fans from all fifty states. There is an unbelievable amount of odds available to you such as futures, moneylines, fractional odds, and decimal odds. If you aren’t a veteran at wagering don’t worry, SportsBetting has an extensive glossary to help you understand all of your options. It will walk you through every type in great detail so you can be comfortable in your betting experience. With the help of SportsBetting you will soon sound like a pro, and talk the talk with any other sports fan in the world.

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Numerous Ways To Wager On Betting Lines

Another great feature of SportsBetting, and one that makes it a leader among online sportsbooks in the USA, is the amount of sports wagering types. Most people who are just starting out will probably be familiar with “straight wagers”. That is where you simply bet on the outcome of a contest. That can be great fun, but once you get a little more comfortable you may want to try some other types. SportsBetting offers parlays, moneylines, and totals as well as futures and much more. You don’t have to worry if you don’t know what these are right now. You can learn through the site’s help section and glossary. They are two of the most extensive in the industry. By varying your wagering types, you can add an extra dimension to your online sportsbook experience.

Access To Sportsbook Through Smartphones & Tablets

Have you ever wanted to place a bet but couldn’t because you didn’t get to your computer fast enough? Well that’s a thing of the past with SportsBetting’s mobile site. You now have one of the most powerful online sportsbooks in the palm of your hand. It is the best mobile app available for players in the U.S. You can access the entire sportsbook from any internet-connected device whether using an iPhone, Android powered devices, a Blackberry, or even with connected tablets. Imagine being able to stand in line at a grocery store and placing a bet. This is possible with the mobile site.

Earlier we mentioned the bonuses that SportsBetting offers. You get another one for using their mobile app. Just sign on and you get a $50 sign on bonus just for trying the mobile site. We can’t think of a reason for you not to try it. Get in on the future of sports betting now.

Real Time Sports Wagering App

With SportsBetting, you are not limited to picking the outcome of a game or match and waiting around for it to finish. They have an exciting feature called live in game wagering that allows you to stay intimately involved in the game while it plays out. You can view the odds and watch them change as the action unfolds. The site is great at updating every few seconds depending on the ebb and flow of the match. You can see how accurate the site is by watching the game on your phone or TV. This is a great option if you get home too late to catch the start of the game. You can still make wagers throughout the event. Even if one team seems to be winning, you can bet on the other to come back. It makes the whole process more interactive.

SportsBetting Sportsbook...What's The Bottom Line?

If you are still wondering if SportsBetting is the right US online sportsbook for you then we haven’t done our job. The site takes members from all 50 states, is 100% safe and secure and most importantly, legal. The site is a favorite of millions of players and the big media companies. There are a variety of options to deposit and receive your money and the bonuses are tops in the industry. The mobile app puts a fully functioning online sportsbook at your fingertips and the live in-game wagering takes your excitement to the next level. We can’t think of enough great things to say about SportsBetting. It’s our pick for the number one online sportsbooks for USA residents. We would love to see what you think of it so try it today and experience it for yourself.